Pagbilao Power Station

Pagbilao Process Flow



Like any thermal power station, we generate electricity from steam. Our entire process can be simplified into four main steps:


COMBUSTION (From Potential Energy to Heat Energy)

Fuel is burned to create heat. By using finely pulverized coal, efficient combustion is assured and high temperatures are achieved.


BOILING (Heat Energy)

The heat is applied to demineralized water inside the boiler, turning it into steam. This high-pressure, superheated steam is then sent to the turbine.


TURBINE ROTATION (From Heat Energy to Mechanical Energy)

A series of turbine blades are mounted on a shaft. When steam passes through them, the turbines turn like fans and cause the shaft to rotate.


GENERATION (From Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy)

The shaft of the turbine is coupled to a generator. Through continuous rotation, magnets are driven inside wire coils and mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy. The generator at Pagbilao Power Station can produce up to 17.64 million kWh a day.