Pagbilao Power Station

Pagbilao History and Profile

In November 1991, an ECA with the NPC led to the construction and operation of a 2 x 367.5 MW coal-fired thermal power plant in Pagbilao, Quezon on a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme.  The BOT concept in a coal-fired power station was first introduced in the Philippines through the Pagbilao Power Station.


The contract is valid for a period of 29 years wherein NPC will pay for the capacity made available and the energy generated during such period. Upon expiry of the cooperation period, full ownership and control will be transferred to NPC at no cost.


Construction on nearly 200 hectares of land began on February 6, 1993.  After 3 years, components of the first unit were synchronized on March 7 while those of the second unit’s were synchronized on May 30; and became commercially available on June 14 and August 14, respectively.